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What We Catch

An inshore fishing charter in our Lowcountry waters is an exciting opportunity to catch a wide variety of different species of fish. Depending on the time of year and the specific location, we’ll target a range of species, including red drum, spotted sea trout, flounder and more.

Red Drum:

Also known as redfish, these are a popular fish to target here in the Lowcountry. These fish are known for their strong fighting ability and usually found in shallower water. Redfish can be caught year round on live bait, dead bait and artificial lure. Mature redfish, more commonly referred to as a “bull red,” can be caught in spring and fall. These fish are close to 30 pounds and are the catch of a lifetime.

Spring Summer Fall Winter

Spotted Sea Trout:

These fish are typically found in shallow, grassy areas and are known for their beautiful coloring and delicate, flavorful flesh. Trout are very common and can be caught year round on a variety of baits. Trout tend to school, so when you catch one, you better keep casting. Most trout are caught in clear water in the marsh. Spotted sea trout are typically 1-5 pounds.

Spring Summer Fall Winter


These are bottom-dwelling fish that are typically found in shallow, sandy areas and are attracted to bait fish and other small prey. Flounder are often caught while fishing along the oyster banks and small creek openings. A flounder is a prized fish and can be caught on a variety of baits and artificial lures. When someone catches a trout, redfish and flounder on the same day, this is referred to as an “inshore slam.” Oftentimes, the illusive flounder is the one fish that is needed to complete the slam. Come try your hand at fishing the marshes to see if you can land an inshore slam!

Spring Summer Fall


A tarpon is a globally recognized trophy game fish. Known for their significant size, amazing jumps and silver complexion,a tarpon truly is the fish of a lifetime. Tarpon call Hilton Head home in the summer and early fall months. These fish migrate through our waterways chasing schools of bait fish and are on average between 90-100 pounds. These magnificent creatures can be caught in both the river and sounds, as well as on the beach front. Landing a tarpon is something that will make all of your fishing buddies jealous.

Summer Fall


From black tips and bonnet heads to tigers and hammerheads, we’ve got a healthy shark population here, and they are ready to give you a fight. On average, sharks caught in the inland waterways are 2-3 feet long. Depending on location, time of year and which species are targeted, a shark trip could score you multiple species, as well as a monster up to 7 feet or greater. A shark trip often does not require a lot of patience and is fun for the whole family.

Spring Summer

Black Drum:

Black drum are a cousin of the red drum. The fish are fantastic fighters! These fish tend to eat more shrimp and crustaceans. They are often caught around structures such as rocks, docks, tree limbs and artificial reefs. A black drum is known for the deep drumming sound they make when caught. Most black drum are caught inshore and are 2-10 pounds. In the spring it is not uncommon to catch a black drum over 60 pounds on a near shore reef!

Spring Summer Fall Winter


Known for their human-like teeth, a sheepshead is a popular species to target in the South Carolina waters. These fish have a reputation for stealing your bait before you even realize. Between their bait stealing expertise and their black and white stripes, these fish have earned a well given nickname as a “convict fish .” Sheepshead are most common around inshore and nearshore structures in the winter and spring months. Sheepshead are often targeted using fiddler crabs, shrimp or clams for bait.

Spring Summer Fall Winter

Jack Crevalle:

Want to catch a giant fish on a top water lure? A jack crevalle is the fish for you then. These powerful fish are pound for pound our hardest fighting fish in the Lowcountry. These fish school up in the summer months and are known for their exciting bites on the surface and their raw power. These fish are almost exclusively caught while sight fishing but certainly are not rare. Come see if you have what it takes to wrangle in a jack. These fish are often 15-30 pounds.

Summer Fall


A cobia is basically a giant catfish that calls our waterways home in the late spring and early summer. These fish are caught in the open water using heavy tackle. Cobia can be caught by both baiting and sight casting with an artificial bait. Cobia often come up to the surface and can be seen pushing a v-shaped wake. Sight casting cobia is something that will get any fisherman excited.

Spring Summer

Spanish Mackerel:

Mackerel are a beautiful fish that can be caught in our sounds and near the beach. Mackerel are vicious hunters and can be caught on both live bait and shiny lures. These fish are often caught throwing silver lures to schooling fish in the warm summer months. Spanish mackerel are usually 2-5 pounds.

Spring Summer
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